Making students ready for corporate consumption

With news that German state universities have dropped tuition fees, I think it’s worth keeping in context that traditional education models are dated and less than ideal means of facilitating learning. If that’s the case, then it seems the purpose has less to do with treating students as the customer and more with churning out a mass-produced product (the students) for corporate consumption.

Recent Commentary on Arlington Copwatch, Open Carry, and Police Checkpoint Policies

Here’s another round of links to some commentary posted on the DFW ALL blog.

Some local copwatch participants received an invitation from the Arlington (TX) police department, seeking a meeting with the local department officials. It seemed to me that the police are fundamentally misunderstanding what genuine police accountability would mean.

What Chief Johnson overlooks is that decentralized police accountability organizations like the Peaceful Streets Project and Cop Block aren’t interested in the political reforms he could offer. They are seeking direct action to build alternatives that undermine, not make improvements upon, hierarchical control centers.

I wrote about the significance and merit of a black-only open carry group in Dallas.

I also wrote about Dalworthington Gardens, a suburb in North Texas, refusing to release documents about department policies on police checkpoints.