Notes from a Libertarian Paradise

A ‘Libertarian Paradise’ ranks 115 on Heritage Institute’s Index of Economic Freedom? While I think the Heritage index overstates the degree of freedom, it’s still a indication of a country’s relative ranking. It’s also important to consider that a limited government isn’t necessarily synonymous with a weak government.


sea and clouds Imagine a place where government plays a negligible role in public life. Taxes are almost non-existent. Businesses operate free from the burden of regulation or bureaucracy. People lean on each other to establish and enforce standards of public behavior. Imagine a place with no Obamacare, no insurance mandates, no mandates of almost any kind.

Libertarians are often derided as dreamers whose vision of the world could never be made real, but that is not true. All over the planet there are places where the Libertarian dream of hyper-limited government is played out in daily life. We can learn a lot about the merits and pitfalls of Libertarianism by examining the shape of life in the world’s Libertarian strongholds.

Belize is a stunningly beautiful nation of beaches, rainforests, and coral reefs at the southern end of the Yucatan Peninsula. A former British colony, it escaped the upheavals of Cold War politics…

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