Forced Life Support Is a Living Death

Marlise Munoz’s life has extinguish. Her mind is unresponsive, powerless to live as a human being. Following a diagnosed pulmonary embolism on Nov. 26, all that remains is the husk of her body. It’s an inhuman existence, a living death.

She’s forced to live that existence against her expressed wishes because state law requires it. She’s 18-weeks pregnant, so her husband is not allowed to take her off life support. As a professional emergency medic from Haltom City (TX), she repudiated what it would mean to exist in such a state: urinary catheterization, feeding tubes, and mechanical ventilation.

Taking her off live support would be tantamount to abortion, the gravest of crimes, some believe. State law, by giving priority to an embryo or primitive fetus not alive in the human sense of the term over the judgement of a living, thinking woman, is based on dogma, not a rational scrutiny of the effect on actual people, independent self-directed beings. It reduces women to a breeding instrument.

This law is an affront to the basic moral tenets of human dignity, and so it should be repealed.