The Republican Party of Texas Is Hopeless

This is pretty comical, yet profoundly indicative of the dismal future for Texas Republicans. A state executive committeewoman is facing criticism for praising South African apartheid, disparaging the Muslim faith, and favorably posting content from a white supremacists website.

The state party released a feeble statement distancing itself from first-term committeewoman Sara Legvold (SD 9). The statement went to say their members aren’t racist, you see, since they’ve recently hired full-time African-American and Asian-American engagement staff.

Of apartheid, Legvold said that at least all blacks had jobs. Under that logic, I imagine the same might be said of Southern slavery, an affront to any sense of common decency. She was the unnamed Facebook commenter I previously wrote about who speculated that the reason blacks died in such disproportionate numbers following war between the Union and Confederacy was because there was “no one to take care of em.”

A fierce opponent of so-called “amnesty,” Legvold is an immigrant who benefited from a exception to federal immigration law that allows Cuban refugees to avoid being return to their home country. On a Hispanic Republican Facebook group, she posted a link the infamous white supremacist website Stormfront, even going so far as to defend the site’s journalistic credibility.

Legvold is just one person, and I don’t imagine (hope?) that more than a small fraction of Republicans seriously share her backward views. However, the tepid party response to these outrageous comments from someone in senior leadership lead people to think she isn’t just a bad apple, but reflective of party policies. As the party continues to alienate itself from more socially tolerant voters and its constituent base matriculates ever more quickly to the great beyond, Texas Republicans will be a minority party indefinitely — and in haste.