Open Immigration Upholds People’s Rights

A tiff created with Cathy Reisenwitz’s address to the Georgia Tea Party seems to have highlighted the perceived inconsistency of an open borders policy. Some have challenged her for the comment that “We don’t want just anybody coming in without any kind of information about who they are or what they’re doing.”

She apparently backtracked those comments somewhat, but I don’t see anything necessarily contrary to people’s rights with submitting to some level of a background check before entering a country. It would certainly be of interest to know if the people entering have a proven intention to commit violent crimes or are fleeing the restitution owed to past victims.

There’s a real concern that such a process could escalate, morphing into far more than a simple background check. But if it’s taken that a government is charged with defending people’s rights, it has as much reason to defend us against sporadic aggressors as it would against well-ordered ones.