What ThinkProgress Gets Wrong about Anti-Rape Underwear

ThinkProgress makes good points that the company designing anti-rape underwear should taking into account, but it’s still worth reiterating that something is better than nothing.

I support an all-of-the-above approach. Yes, rape isn’t accidental. Of course, no option is flawless. And other steps should be taken. Still, these garments are progress, so I’m concerned such a dismissive, cavalier article could discourage women from making this an option to consider. There were too many assumptions made about the commercial without having contacting the clothing maker to address the author’s concerns.

I agree our culture is in desperate need of education to counter rationalizations made for rape. Until that happens, I support means of preventing people from hurting one another and that make people feel safer.

As of today, the company has exceeded its fundraising goal of $50,000.