Obamacare Hiking Prices, Neglecting the Root Issues

Out of curiosity, I checked how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would affect the health care premiums for my partner and me. I didn’t bother with the government website but checked eHealthInsurance.com for quotes.

With the least expensive option available today (prior to the implementation of Obamacare), our premiums would be $286 per month, with a $1750 deductible per person and $3500 for the family. We would be required to pay 25 percent after the deductible. Starting next year, a similar plan would run $540.51 per month, nearly double. The least expensive plan starting next year would be $335.44, yet would include individual and family deductibles of $5000 and $12,000, respectively.

We wouldn’t be eligible for subsidies, so we’d have to bear the full costs. I’m fortunate to have employer-funded insurance, but it seems less fortunate people would be less likely to sign up for coverage, unless the subsidy were fairly dramatic.

It seems the problem with health care isn’t the funding mechanism, but the reasons for the excessive cost of health care.