Recent DFW ALL Posts on Misplaced Priorities, Shield Mutual, Vanguardism, Police Obstruction, and Social Justice

I haven’t collected posts made elsewhere in some time, but I have a few to share that were published to the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left blog.

Most recently, I spoke about the divergence in budget priorities between political leaders and the people they are elected to represent.

I also interviewed some Tarrant County Libertarian Party members at a local pride parade (above) and reported (below) on a peace rally in Forth Worth.

In response to revelations about the possible misappropriation of Adam Kokesh’s legal defense fund, I commended on Shield Mutual’s decision to drop coverage.

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself an anarchist, I responded to some (I think) bogus criticisms made by state communists against anarchists.

Despite a supposed reverence for democratic principles, the idea that revolution can only come about through the injection of a party apparatus serves as a pretext for a privileged ruling elite.

The Dallas Police Department has been running interference in the investigation of the officer-involved shooting death of Clinton Allen.

If the department is going to begin mending its reputation, an open and independent investigation is needed.

I posted a brief video of some cop watching in Dallas.

I also offered a definition of social justice, one even Hayek would appreciate.

If justice is treating people as they deserve and people (regardless of their creed) at least deserve to be treated with respect over their own lives, social justice is evaluated at least partially on the basis of how well people living within a social system have dominion over their own lives.