Blaming the Victims of Power

If you’ve seen the video above, you’ve likely heard from apologists for arbitrary power that the driver was “asking for it.”

A stranger in public with no evidence of wrongdoing demands unflinching obedience, and anyone who momentarily examines that demand is being “obnoxious and causing trouble for people stuck doing their boring jobs on a holiday evening.” Just twisted. It’s an afront to the rule of law.

Arbitrary, capricious commands run contrary to the purpose of law, which is to provide known, objective enforcement. With no objective basis for believing laws violating people’s rights should be enforced, these government overreaches weaken the basis of civil society, eroding the buffer between the moral dignity of human life and coercive power.

2 thoughts on “Blaming the Victims of Power

  1. Am I being detained?
    Pull over to the side right there!
    That cop can’t even answer the question.

    This is just disgusting.

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