Central Planning Isn’t Pro-Women

Tamara Tabo of the Above the Law blog argues that Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis wasn’t advancing women’s interests by successfully filibustering anti-abortion legislation last month. As I mentioned in a Facebook thread earlier, the principle of Tabo’s article seemed to convey that leaving a woman free to choose where and under what circumstances she has a medical procedure performed is not pro-woman, but having a legislature (overwhelming composed of men) make that decision for her is.

Even if we grant that medical safety would be improved if the legislation were enforced, there are other criteria (e.g., costs, accessibility, etc.) to judge whether the legislation would benefit someone. Since people are going to weigh those criteria differently, I’d rather people be free to make those decisions according to their own judgement, not a stranger’s (and certainly not a politician’s).

I don’t question whether certain health and safety procedures should be taken. I question whether and to what extent it is the proper role of government to push peaceful people around.