Copwatching for Justice

My recap about a recent copwatch outing was published by That was nice.

People from across the political spectrum appreciate when corruption or misconduct is highlighted. We’re tapping into a sentiment most everyone already shares. We’re educating people as to why the essential character of arbitrary power is its inherent unaccountability. Those who would abuse it are the ones most attracted to it, which is all the more reason to limit the reach of the government’s grip.

I had submitted the article to a few local outlets but wasn’t accepted. I think more hard news pieces, rather than commentaries, would likelier be published.

One thought on “Copwatching for Justice

  1. “Despite what is commonly believed, people with deeply held convictions engaging in conventional forms of political activism such as running for office are making less of an individual impact than they could with more direct forms of activism, such as recording and documenting police activity. Conventional politics is often more about intra-party squabbles and strategizing than attracting more supporters to our ideas and challenging objectionable practices. The time-consuming trappings of conventional political activism blunts people’s enthusiasm and exhausts their time on less productive political pursuits.”

    I completely agree with that, and I wish more people would consider the possibility that liberty can be spread by doing things other than knocking on doors, making phone calls, working polling locations, etc. for other people.

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