Recent DFW ALL Posts on Gun Control, Surveillance Drones, Police Abuse, and Drug Testing

On the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left blog, I’ve written some recent posts criticizing proposals of local political leaders.

In response to Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairman Steve Maxwell’s call for stricter controls on local gun shows, I said:

One certainty is that so-called liberals of Maxwell’s variety will consistently take the sides of the cops and unaccountable power rather than common civilians.

I objected to the proliferation of surveillance drones.

In a free society, the desire for — or at least apathy with — a surveillance culture that scrutinizes our every move and public sentiment should be what we consider out of step. But that is exactly the future that people who desire social control are seeking. They take government to be an object to be yielded to, and ordinary folks are the ones to be viewed with suspicion.

In “Insult and Injury to ‘Lady Liberty’ in Fort Worth,” I reported on the arrest and firing of a local teen.

It’s surreal to grasp that the beating came when Gould was in attire symbolizing an American icon of freedom and equality, while corralled into a dead end job for wage labor that encourages tax serfs to pay tribute for funding their forthcoming oppression.

In a separate post, I made the case that drug testing for government charity was insulting, illegal, and ultimately unworkable.

It’s belittling to think that workers have already had their paychecks docked and now would have their personal decisions scrutinized for withdrawing funds they already contributed.