Quoting Murray N. Rothbard on Atomistic Marxism

Along with the transcendence and negation of private property will come the negation of virtually all aspects of modern civilization, which Marx also considered ‘subsidiary modes of production’ alienating man from his supposed true nature. Thus:

Religion, the family, the state, law, morality, science, art, etc., are only particular modes of production, and fall under its general law. The positive transcendence of private property, as the appropriation of human living, is, therefore the positive transcendence of all alienation and thus the return of man from religion, the family, the state, etc., to his human, i.e. social existence. (Italics are Marx’s)25

But if all these cherished institutions are to be rudely stripped from man, what then remains to this poor, ‘liberated’ creature? For make no mistake, these post-Marxian creatures would be deprived of all human interrelations that make up a society. These ‘complete’ individuals would be deprived of law, family, custom, religion, and, of course, of all exchange of goods and services, i.e. they would be complete, hermetically sealed creatures each isolated from everyone else. Ironically, then, leftists who habitually though falsely denounce individualist thinkers for advocating a world of isolated ‘atomistic’, hermetically sealed individuals, themselves worship a theorist whose vision of the ideal future is precisely of such a monstrous world.

via “Marx’s Vision of Communism” by Murray N. Rothbard