Commentary on DFW’s Inclusiveness and an Event Scheduled

Some of the latest work posted to the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left’s blog are a commentary supportive of the efforts of those in the GLBT community to bring awareness to some difficult issues and an announcement of a new reading club event.

Fort Worth councilman Joel Burns received nationwide media attention last month for his speech during a city meeting in which he revealed some of the torment and abuse he faced as a gay teen. I also address the controversy of a transsexual Dallas high school student who was denied an opportunity to run for homecoming queen. I conclude with some remarks on the underlying source of the cultural challenges faced by those with an alternative sexual orientation and how libertarian principles can be used to overcome them.

On Dec. 6, DFW ALL will host reading club a featuring “The Production of Security” by Gustave De Molinari, who is considered by many to be the father (perhaps grandfather) of market anarchism. In his classic work from 1849, Molinari analyzes the possibility for the stateless supply of defense and arbitration services.