Letter to the Editor Regarding Wrongly Suspended Student

I sent a letter to the editors of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram with regards to the widely publicized suspension of a local high school student wrongly accused of marijuana use in the wake of his father’s death. It had been more than a year since I last wrote to the editors.

You can read more about the latest flap on the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left’s blog, among other places. Below is the letter I sent last week.

Regarding the story of the suspended high school junior exonerated of using marijuana (See “Grieving student who was accused of marijuana use is allowed back in class,” Thursday), a lot of people will be hand wringing the school administrators, but they will ignore the more underlying problem of trying to prohibit consensual acts, where there are no victims to make a complaint. Criminalizing consensual behavior enables big-government policies to invade honest people’s personal lives.

The use of government force and planning — fascism, really — to change behavior has not worked that well in the past. Maybe, that’s why 40 years after the war on drugs began, the government is in continuous need of more sacrifices of our liberties and our income. The war on marijuana can only be sustained by criminalizing peaceful users of their right to property, by abusing taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars, and by sacrificing the privacy of us all.

To those of us who respect the peaceful decisions of others, let me remind you that returning our privacy and property rights do not require us changing the law. We only have to make it irrelevant.