Toward a Rational Response to Terrorism

There has not been a successful terrorist attack in the United States for nearly 10 years. I am sure it is not for a lack of trying. In the meantime, the federal government has usurped more control, expanded the occupation and violence in foreign countries and heightened hatred for those of living in the United States.

The constitution, which is supposed to be a check on government power particularly during times of emergency, has predictably been ignored. That is no surprise since the federal government has the final authority to interpret and enforce the construction on itself.

However fantastical, I would like to see some steps taken in the interim of achieving complete liberty.

Step 1. Withdraw all monetary and military support from the Arabian peninsula, fracturing the anti-American coalition and deflecting animosities to others in the Muslim world

Step 2. Do not torture suspected terrorists, which only serves to heighten grievances

Step 3. Uphold the Bill of Rights by holding trials for suspected terrorists and treat them as the common criminals they are