Questioned by a Census Worker

In the video (above), I was returning home from a day of political activism in Dallas a few weekends ago, when I was met by a census worker at the location at which I was present. We had an interesting conversation. Without any provocation, he talked about the proverbial gun in the room and said that I was compelled to answer his questions. He did not believe that compulsion was made by the threat of force, however, because he did not have the police in the driveway. I think I answered that OK, but I need to better expose the violence behind him nonetheless. Looking back, that is a point I should have continued to harp on.

I mostly asked questions about my “legal” obligations and the consequences for not participating in the census. One question I was meaning to ask is what the legal obligation the federal government had to me.

(For privacy reasons, I removed mention of the street address from the beginning of the video.)