Glenn Beck: Anarchists for ‘Total Government’

I think Glenn Beck, like Alex Jones, is a great entertainer. But they both take cheap shots at anarchists all the time.

On Beck’s Feb. 17 television program, he said in the clip below that anarchists and progressives “don’t really like America” and are for “total government.” Beck’s and Jones’ definition of “anarchist” might be anyone who wants less government than they might. The fact is anarchism, the way I understand it, advocates for the most limited and smallest possible government, self-government.

It is also a canard that anarchists don’t like America. The federal government is not America. The people who eagerly manage it are “mere bands of robbers, who have associated for purposes of plunder, conquest, and the enslavement of their fellow men, … and the more peaceable division of their spoils,” as Lysander Spooner said in Natural Law, or the Science of Justice.

(via Daily Paul)