Grand Jury Buries Homicide by Fort Worth Officer

After the Tarrant County medical examiner ruled in August a mentally ill man’s death was a homicide, a grand jury failed to indict the Fort Worth officer responsible for his murder, it was announced today.

On April 18, the officer responded to the family’s emergency call and proceeded to fire two Taser shots into the man for being “combative.” The man died within an hour of being attacked with a 49-second electric shock.

Last month, Police Chief Jeff Halstead said the department had finished its internal investigation into Jacobs’ death and voluntarily provided of a copy of their report to the FBI and Justice Department for review.

He also said that the police department also plans to increase training in how to deal with mentally ill people and in the use of force, including Tasers.

On Aug. 31, Jacobs’ parents filed a federal lawsuit against the city and the police officer. The suit asserts that Phillips used excessive force and that Jacobs’ death was caused by “the gross neglect of the city of Fort Worth in failing to properly train and supervise its police officers in the proper use of Tasers.”

As can be seen in the story’s comment section, some will insist on blaming the victim and his family. They are not to blame. They just wanted to help Michael to the hospital so he could get help. What they got was an unaccountable menace that haunts the peaceful people of Fort Worth. I appeal to those peaceful people. There has to be a better way.