A Social Contract I Could Get Behind

I believe I should not take part in violence against peaceful people, and I expect others to do the same.

I have a compelling interest to engage society. I find joy and happiness in interacting with people in a peaceful manner. I do not wish to participate in any coercive actions. If we are to cooperate together, we must interact in a manner that is congruent with our nature as human beings. Seeing that human beings progress together through voluntary association and that violence, by its nature, is destructive and pernicious, the initiation of a condition of violence is regressive. A society can only exist, in the long term, on this understanding or acceptance of voluntary cooperation among other peaceful individuals. That is the only thing resembling “the common good.”

With that said, I would still choose to live in a community that makes this an explicit function of participation in place of operating on an implicit assumption or blunted rancor as it is today.

As the state claims to legitimately initiate violence at its discretion, the state and all its political franchises of government are the enemy of “the common good.” The only reason the predatory statists attempt to co-opt the sum of individual’s values and actions, society, is to pervert that impulse for their own ends and continued perpetuation.