Haltom City Swine Flu Lit. Drop

We passed out about 400 flyers at a mass swine flu vaccination in Haltom City. The line was incredibly long, at one time about 2000 poeple, and a lot of people we talked with were really receptive to our information about the side-effects and effectiveness of the vaccine. Even the volunteer greeters came up and asked us about it. One thanked us for coming out.FILE0888

Our main talking points were the fact that ostensibly these drugs are untested, that the federal government and vaccine manufacturers have purged themselves of all liability, and that the number of swine flu cases has been over hyped.

The police were pretty tolerant of us too. I recalled seeing about a dozen officers out there. Some might have been county, though. One officer asked for my ID, but I politely declined. I got to talking to her about our flyer and she seemed interested as well, but insisted that the health department had to verify it was “accurate” or else we’d have to leave. We got to talk with a group of officers about oathkeepers.org. They hadn’t heard of it before. Katy had a good idea that we should have a little brochure to hand to them. It might have more of an impact. Live and learn.

We’ve got about 400 or so flyers left, so if anybody knows about another mass vaccination day in Tarrant County, let us know.