Introducing DFW ALL

The Alliance of the Libertarian Left is an aggregate of Rothbardians, mutualists, voluntaryists, anarchists, agorists, extreme minarchists, and others united in opposition to statism and existing forms of coercive and irrational institutions. The newest group of ALLies has formed here in the Metroplex.

In a sense, ALL is an effort to draw a distinction between the two aspirations of those who support the non-aggression principle. As many have said, a voluntary society may well be a more closed society, where discrimination and petty hierarchical social structures are more prevalent. Left libertarians oppose the use of institutionalized power over others by encouraging an open, rational society.

The use of the word “left” is necessary to make a connection to historic nature of classical liberalism and to reject the libertarian merge with modern conservatism. (That is not to say that the modern left is any less authoritarian.) Unfortunately, the need for “libertarianism” with an adjective is the result of past compromises of principles. A recognition of left-libertarianism makes the use of certain political tools more profitable than others and makes other strategies, like electoral politics, muted by comparison.

The ALL Web site has some good resources as well. To learn more about DFW ALL, go to the About Us page.