Summary of the 11th Bylaws Committee Conference Call

The latest Texas Liberty Campaign bylaws committee conference call took place Wednesday night. The meeting started about 8:00 because the convention committee meeting ran later than expected. Our meeting was more informal than most, in part because we didn’t have a quorum, so we didn’t pass any formal motions. (The past call summaries are available on OCATI, where you can also find the latest editions of the committee’s report.)

We spent the first half hour discussing how to clarify a caucus’ process of rescinding its election of an at-large director and any possible vacancy election. (In the last summary, I mistakenly said that a vacancy would be filled by the executive board.) The next discussion of the night was a procedure for safekeeping official records.

In the officer’s section, the general consensus of the group approved adding a responsibility that officers must complete miscellaneous duties assigned by the executive board. In keeping the organization as independent as possible, we approved removing the sections that makes the chairman and treasurer responsible for TxLC’s compliance with state or federal laws. We also like extending the notice for an election to fill the vacancy of the chairman from 10 days to 14.

The next meeting will be tonight at 7:00 exclusively to hear testimony from anyone not on the committee. There’s another opportunity to provide testimony before the convention at 7:00 Friday night in person in San Marcos or by phone. The conference number is (218)862-7200 and the code is 732261. I don’t believe I’ll be at the convention this weekend, so I plan to make this the last summary. Best of luck everybody and have fun.