Summary of the Tenth Bylaws Committee Conference Call

The Texas Liberty Campaign Bylaws & Structure Committee’s tenth conference call had a good bit of outside testimony regarding the committee’s initial report posted earlier this week.

We first discussed news that national Campaign for Liberty board members are considering establishing official state charters with the CFL branding, a significant structural shift in the organization. The CFL originally balked at that idea just before the first senate district conventions in February, in part, because of the expense involved. It was unclear as to why this shift in thinking has occurred. Nothing has been made final, and the next board meeting is not currently scheduled until after the TxLC state convention later this month.

We also fielded questions about the caucus election system.

The first business of the night was a motion to strike director term limits, which failed. We then clarified that officers shall hold their officer until a successor is elected. This was seen as a precaution in case a convention is delayed for some reason.

We also provided an opportunity for a caucus to rescind its election of a director. The position would then be filled by the executive board.

A motion passed to hold a testimony-only meeting on Thursday and at least two more regular meetings before the state convention. We adjourned about 9:15 until Thursday at 7:00 p.m.