Summary of the Ninth Bylaws Committee Conference Call

Wednesday evening, the TxLC bylaws committee members held the ninth and final regular conference call before preparing their preliminary report, which should be available in the next few days for at-large members to review and to propose amendments. [See the updated in-progress committee report for reference. Earlier summaries may be found on the OCATI forum.]

We first discussed the method of selecting directors at the state convention. One method we proposed said a caucus shall select one director for each full 10 percent it represented of the state convention and an additional director if the remaining fraction of the caucus was greater than five percent. That motioned failed by a slim roll call vote.

Instead, the motion that succeeded called for caucuses to select one director for each full 10 percent it represented of the state convention; further, the voting power of each director would then be scaled to be in proportion from the number of directors to the total size of the voting executive board members, which equals directors and voting officers. This passed on a roll call vote.

[For example, the voting strength of each director would be found by multiplying the director’s total caucus percentage by the number of directors elected at the convention, which is then divided by the total size of the executive board [directors plus voting officers] and then divided again by the number of directors elected from that individual’s caucus. The vote strength of an individual voting officer is inversely proportional to the size of the executive board. I hope I got that right.]

A motion carried to elect the chair of the calender subcommittee, which was approved several meetings ago for scheduling any amendments proposed before the convention. Read King and I were elected co-chairs. Members then temporarily postponed discussing how caucuses select their directors.

Moving to the bylaws article on standing committees, we first adopted a membership committee with the power to validate new members, to maintain a membership registry, and to administer elections to create or reconsider regions and regional organizations.

We then created a strategy committee to submit ideas to the executive board in order to adopt non-binding strategy recommendations. The technology committee and rules committee sections were approved as written. A finance and fund raising committee was proposed and accepted in order for the organization to accept donations and report on funds.

An advocacy coordination committee was also chartered with the responsibility to stay abreast of state-wide issues, to maintain an issues library, and to prepare a regular newsletter. Finally, we approved a seventh committee for affiliate organizations.

The executive board article was adopted, for the most part, as written. An attempt to strike proxy voting from the executive board was denied. However, a motion passed that said proxy votes shall not be recognized in consecutive months or for more than three months per year. This granted some leniency in cases of an emergency or other events that took away from a board member’s responsibilities. The complete article was then adopted as amended.

The method of selecting directors from the caucus was then readdressed to allow for caucuses to choose any method, such as single transferable vote or random selection, to select their directors. We then adjourned.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 14 at 7:00 p.m. The agenda is to take testimony from outside members and begin tinkering with any faulty or confusing language. If you’d like to testify, let me know and I’ll get the number for you.