Summary of the Eighth Bylaws Committee Conference Call

We undertook our eighth Texas Liberty Campaign bylaws conference call Tuesday night. [See the updated in-progress committee report or past summaries for reference.]

The first discussion concerned a report from the legal subcommittee that suggested members “forswear the use of illegal means” in furthering the purpose of the TxLC. The consensus of the committee rejected that language, leaving open the possibility for a later code of conduct to acknowledge that individuals are responsible for their own actions.

The discussion then moved to a report from the drafting subcommittee affecting affiliate membership and removal of members.

The original language was amended after lengthy discussion. In effect, it allows members to be disciplined or removed by the executive board, state convention, or a member’s regional organization in accordance to the procedures in Robert’s Rules. In addition, the right of appeal was also expanded.

The second half of the drafting report, which addressed affiliate membership, was adopted as written. To highlight, an affiliate member must be an organization of natural persons, operate in Texas, and be congruent with the values of the TxLC. An affiliate may appoint up to three designees, who may make motions and debate at the state convention but not vote. The report also included creating an advisory board for affiliate members.

We then returned to a topic postponed Monday. The legal subcommittee had suggested creating a voting officer position to work with affiliate organizations. By the slimmest margin of any committee vote yet, the motion carried with 50.4 percent based on senate district voting strength.

Before moving to the officer election section adopted at the last meeting, we reconsidered the staggering of officer elections. Some felt that staggering was incompatible with caucus-style elections and conflicted with the original intention to allow for greater minority representation.

The settlement was to elect non-director officers, who are elected by a roll call vote, to staggered four-year terms to help preserve any operational knowledge and elect at-large directors by caucus vote to two-year terms. The initial term of the vice-chair, secretary and treasurer would be reduced to two years to create the staggering effect.

An effort to remove term limits was postponed until Wednesday.

The method of electing non-director officers was approved as originally reported by the drafting subcommittee. For electing at-large directors as now proposed, delegates caucus into groups of at least 10 percent of the state convention, and each caucus may elect one director for each 10 percent it represents. There are still some kinks to work out, like what to do with the remainders of each caucus, until the next meeting.

We adjourned at 10:30 until 6:00 tomorrow evening.