Summary of the Seventh Bylaws Committee Conference Call

Because of a TxLC bylaws committee participation requirement adopted two weeks ago, 12 members were removed from the committee for missing three consecutive meetings without prior permission, leaving 17 members remaining. [The bylaws drafting report that we’re wading through is found on the OCATI forums.]

A report from the legal subcommittee found there would be no additional legal liabilities for extending membership to minors.

We moved to allow members as young as 16, provided that members younger than 18 have a parent or legal guardian co-sign any contractual obligations.

Moving to the next article, a vote to substitute a second proposal for the officers article was denied. The legal subcommittee reported back to suggest that an officer position be created for the expressed purpose of working with affiliate organizations. We agreed to temporarily table that discussion.

A motion intended to remove the officer voting power of the chair, vice-chair and secretary of the executive board was also voted down. A motion to remove the Texas liaison of the Campaign for Liberty from the board failed with only 44 percent support based on senate district voting strength, although a motion to strike the committee voting power of the CFL appointee passed with 63 percent.

We then removed a process of staggering the initial election of directors at large, partly because the staggering would have resulted in six-year terms for directors. A motion to reconsider was approved with the intention of crafting amended language for the next meeting. Some were concerned about the state organization being raided by outside interests and felt a staggering process defended against this.

We then debated the proposed methods of electing directors at the state convention. Caucus-orientated voting was approved 65-35 percent, I believe, because some felt that it made officer elections mission-specific instead of personality driven.

At about 10:20 p.m., we adjourned until Tuesday at 7:00.