Summary of the Sixth Bylaws Committee Conference Call

Our sixth Texas Liberty Campaign Bylaws & Structure Committee conference call, the third meeting this week, took place Thursday. You can also read the updated bylaws report.

There was testimony by e-mail that pointed out that our motion to hold state conventions within 100 miles of Austin could be interpreted to exclude Waco and College Station, conflicting with the original intent, if the distance were measured by driving distance. The first business of the night was to reconsider that section. We amended the language to say the convention shall be held within a 100-mile radius of Austin to positively include Waco and College Station as possibilities.

We didn’t complete as many headings as we had in the past two meetings, but thorough discussion took place on the necessary transparency of the state organization. There’s sure to be more of that in the upcoming state officers sections, which could be the most hotly contested yet.

As the bylaws report stands now, members are given almost universal and immediate access to the decisions of any state committee. There was one exception made. An amendment passed on a roll call vote to allow a committee to enter executive session indiscriminately, provided that three quarters of the committee is in support. One concern addressed was that any exception to full member access would be abused, even if for the best of intentions. A further protection requires all executive sessions to be audio recorded and to make the recording available on the petition of 20 percent of the TxLC membership. Additionally, the right of a TxLC member to testify at any meeting was expanded to allow a TxLC member to motion for non-members for testimony.

We adopted the time limitation and right to testify sections in Article V Section 5 as written.

At the last meeting, we amended to allow for emergency meetings and to require notification 48 hours after all meetings are determined. A third amendment required that minutes must also be posted within 48 hours after the meeting is called to order.

The next section in Article V addresses regional conventions. We struck the second sentence Thursday as it was seen as unnecessary, and the rest of the section was accepted as amended.

We adjourned a few minutes after 9:00 because we were short of a quorum and the next big article is officers.

Last week, we approved a motion that said any committee member who misses three consecutive meetings without prior permission of the chair is automatically removed from the committee. Thursday was our third meeting since passing that motion, and possibly a dozen members are on the chopping block. For any absentee members, our next meeting Monday at 7:00 would be the time to appeal for grace and reinstatement.