Summary of the Second Bylaws Committee Conference Call

I was about 10 minutes late, so I don’t know what was discussed before I got on the call. We did pass three motions while I was on the line.

Without objection, we approved the creation of a calender subcommittee to hear outside amendments to the bylaws preliminary report that the committee will prepare prior to the state convention. This moves our schedule forward a bit. I recall that we are going to try to have the preliminary report done by July 9 for people to begin reviewing and amending.

The calender subcommittee was formed to allow outside amendments to be considered by the bylaws committee before to the start of the convention and to streamline the hearing of those recommended changes. People will still have two more opportunities to propose ideas while at the convention. The creation of the calender subcommittee was originally recommended by the convention committee in order for a greater number of people to give their input and still complete the work in time at the convention. You can read more about the recommendations and the proposed differences between the rules of first and second convention on the OCATI Wiki.

The second motion was that we adopt Jeremy’s hybrid proposal, which was discussed last week, as a framework for the bylaws. An amendment to consider the other proposals failed on a weighted vote with only about 25 percent support.

The third motion was to form a subcommittee charged with filling in the partial proposal adopted in the previous motion. That passed with one or two votes against. That subcommittee of five is supposed to report back at the next meeting on Wednesday so we can begin making changes.
We adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

I encourage everyone to visit the OCATI Wiki to catch up on some of the topics discussed here.