Odds and Enders for March 4

~ On the president’s entrepreneurship spending:

Contrary to popular myth, startup companies do not generate many new jobs, and actually create net job losses after their first year. Findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics support this fact. For example, in 1998 there were 152,668 people employed by new startups in the leisure and hospitality industry, a number that declined year after year, until there were only 105,941 people employed by those same startups in 2002 — a 31% loss. The figures are similar for nearly all industries ….

While the average new business is a waste of resources, what about other startups that have generated millions of jobs, billions of dollars in revenue, and grown into multinational corporations? We can think of Google, FedEx, Dell, Microsoft, eBay, and many other startup companies that have benefited many people’s lives. The common link between all of these companies, however, is the market solution of venture-capital funding, not government intervention.

~ Stream the R3VOLution

While older devices weren’t able to transmit large amounts of live video in the bandwidth that was available to them, new 3G and 4G cell phone networks are supporting the ability to be able to transmit live, legible video from something as small as your cell phone, Smartphone, or Pocket PC.