Odds and Enders for March 3

~ I started uploading Ron Paul’s speech from Feb. 28 to the first-ever Texas Liberty Campaign convention. Not bad a job for my first video.

~ The Green Energy Fantasy

Regardless of one’s views on global warming–and there is ample scientific evidence to reject the claim that man-made carbon emissions are causing catastrophe–the fact is that kneecapping the fossil fuel industry while diverting tax dollars into expensive, impractical forms of energy will not be an economic boon, but an economic disaster. – Keith Lockitch

~ Smash the state. Thanks to Free Talk Live host Ian Freeman, you can now download a free audio book of “The Market for Liberty“. Simply amazing. Then again, why not also try Simply Anarchy for more ideas?

That’s where you’ll find this quote from Frederic Bastiat: The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else.

~ And another from Lysander Spooner:

It is self-evident that no number of men, by conspiring, and calling themselves a government, can acquire any rights whatever over other men, or other men’s property, which they had not before, as individuals. And whenever any number of men, calling themselves a government, do anything to another man, or to his property, which they had no right to do as individuals, they thereby declare themselves trespassers, robbers, or murderers, according to the nature of their acts.