Neither Nor

I submitted this response to last Sunday’s Star-Telegram editorial “Eminent domain.” [Update: The paper published the letter Feb. 6.]

I take exception to the false dilemma in last Sunday’s editorial criticizing Gov. Perry for wanting to further enumerate private property rights of Texans.

The unsigned editorial cautions the legislature “to avoid the unintended consequence of restricting the ability of duly elected City Council or water district board members to manage growth.” The implication is that we must accept the economic stewardship of government officials or else we suffer from the unbridled excesses of the market.

That is a false choice. In truth, the question is whether the planning should be centralized into the hands of a few, or should the planning be decentralized into to those closest to the land, the ones with the most invested in its success, the property owners.

The first half of the unsigned editorial questions the political motives for the governor’s actions. And why wouldn’t a politician act on political motives? I just wonder why the Star-Telegram doesn’t thinks any other official would succumb to those same temptations.